Friday, September 12, 2008

send this video to everyone you hear saying they think the Republicans are 'moderate' on abortion!

To: my parents and a bunch of my friends, mostly women, with views on abortion ranging from radically-pro-abortion to pro-life-for-myself-and-pro-choice-for-everybody else, who might have republican or independent friends and relatives who are pro-choice in some sense as well.
From: [electionyearweltschmerz]
Re: good - scary! - video of McCain and Palin in their own words on abortion

Hey guys,
I'm only forwarding this on because it is actually a really succinct and clear digest of video clips of John McCain and Sarah Palin stating, on the record to interviewers, exactly what abortion policy they would support if they were elected. It's good because it's really, really scary hearing them say in so many words that they totally oppose allowing abortions in cases of rape and incest. Yeah the ad is a little over the top with the doom-music, but the clips don't need any embellishment, they speak for themselves!

So I'm forwarding it on because it's basically the perfect thing to send to any women -- to ANYONE who you think does believe that women and girls who are raped should have the right to decide whether to bear a child from that experience -- who you hear saying that they think McCain is "moderate" on reproductive rights. He USED to be kind of moderate -- he is not any more. He supports the total repeal of legal abortion. And with some supreme court justices not looking so good, this issue WILL most likely be in the hands of the next president.

Scarily enough, polls of lots of 'undecided' or 'independent' voters in swing states show that though most of them are pro-choice, or at LEAST support having abortion legal in SOME cases!, large numbers of them still think McCain is 'moderate' or pro-choice too. So anyone I hear say that, between now and November 4, is getting this email from me. I thought I'd send it to you guys for ammo too.


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