Monday, September 15, 2008

Barack Obama *dominates* on the O'Reilly Factor!

In the middle of the idiocy that passes for campaign coverage in the mainstream media these days, I recently got a HUGE charge of hope and encouragement for this election from an unexpected source -- have you guys SEEN Barack Obama on bill o'reilly's show on fox news?? He KILLS. I wish this were getting bigger coverage.

I'm posting the entire interview so you can watch it easily - IF you can stomach that much of Bill O'Reilly, though it's really not very long.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

O'Reilly has really met his match and more here; it is amazing how an interview subject as smart as Obama is just makes O'Reilly's twisted rhetorical smokescreening TOTALLY visible for the substance-free drivel that it is. It is really heartening to watch how good Obama is at refusing to get sidetracked or stereotyped or trapped, and at getting his message across with clarity, control, and panache...

If this is any indication, the debates are going to be awesome and this whole pancake is about to FLIP... (sorry, was that a sexist figure of speech??) ;)

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