Friday, August 29, 2008

liveblogging mccain's vp announcement

it's mccain's birthday today -- he's the OLDEST MAN ALIVE at 72.

it's apparently the anniversary of women's suffrage?  who knew the last week of august was the anniversary of literally EVERYTHING THAT EVER HAPPENED?  I have a dream, LBJ's 100th birthday, Katrina, women's suffrage, john mccain's emergence into the primeval muck...

ALL mccain is saying in this introduction is the same stuff the democrats have been saying this whole campaign - he's blatantly lying about his own voting record, talking about independence from foreign oil, standing up to washington special interests, change, change, change, government that works for the people, addressing rising prices with the economy in the toilet, etc. etc. etc.  it sounds almost exactly like obama's speech last night, only it's all LIES, in direct contraversion of mccain's actual record and policy platform.

scary air force one/military music the instant he announces Palin's name
her whole family and her kids onstage with her

hubby todd is a world champion of (something something in some sport I can't make out what it is) - there have been like a million mentions of their SPORTS prowess, BUT at least this neutralizes the Obama family's basketball stuff from being marked as scarily, suspiciously Black...

it's her 20th wedding anniversary today - wait I thought commentators said her oldest son enlisted in the army after sept. 11??  was she a single baby mama??
OH NO, that oldest son enlisted on SEPTEMBER 11 OF LAST YEAR
and will deploy to Iraq on SEPTEMBER 11 OF THIS YEAR
She has said SEPTEMBER 11 three times now in the context of her son, who was like 11 in 2001,'s military service.  SUGGESTION, much?  Also, did she know she was under consideration back in Sept. when her son enlisted on that date?  And how fortunate that that's the day the boy ships out.  Did some republican pull strings to make it so?

and now the crowd is chanting USA, USA, USA, USA - f*cking scary.

several minutes into her speech, OMG they are chanting USA, USA, USA again.

'profiles in courage can be hard to come by these days, sometimes we just find them in books, but when we nominate john mccain, we will be putting one on the ballot!' - what kind of kennedy snark is that?!

shout outs to Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton, which surprisingly are getting cheers
re: the 18 mil. cracks in the glass ceiling, Palin wants to 'shatter it once and for all' - yeah cause she knows mccain will probably CROAK IN OFFICE, him being the OLDEST MAN ALIVE.  I cannot believe someone who says she 'never planned to be involved in public office' would be a heartbeat away from the presidency if this geezer wins.

closing line: 'I thank you and I god bless you, and I say, and god bless america!'
are evangelicals now saying "I god bless you?"  Is "god bless" a transitive verb now or something?

followup commentary on NPR:
Oh lord now Ralph F*cking Reed is a goddamn FEMINIST or something, he's so ANGRY about how Hillary Clinton was TREATED by the DEMOCRATS when she was RUNNING, and that she didn't even make Obama's SHORT LIST, oh the SEXISM! 

I swear, these right wingers starting to go on and on about women and gender and women etc etc make me puke.

Ok, finally a factual commentator:

mccain is against pay equity for women

mccain is against raising the minimum wage, so much for all this working-class-heroism bullshit. 

how DARE he talk about how great working people are when he wants to TAX their health benefits?

he is a liar and a snake, this is about the most hypocritical thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

i hate that I couldn't be happy and optimistic about this election for even one entire day.  hence the name of this blog, I guess.