Friday, January 23, 2009

blogging for choice a day late

Hooray to President Obama (god, how beautiful those words look!) for UN-GAGGING THE FREAKING GLOBE today:

This insane so-called 'policy' from 1984 has always been one of the #1 reasons I could never stand to hear my friends on the left talk about how maybe a moderate Democratic candidate like Hillary Clinton, if nominated, or even Obama, if he ran too close to the center, needed to lose the Presidency in order to 'send a message'...

LIVES -- thousands, probably millions, of women's and babies' LIVES WILL BE SAVED in the (god-willing) eight years and more that we will not have this literally murderous colonialist policy governing what basically every health-outreach organization ON THE PLANET can and cannot do for its clients. We -- the world, humans, who care about the suffering of other humans -- could not have afforded for America not to get a Democrat back in office.

And what a Democrat! Check out our President's spiffy new website, including the awesome feminist agenda for "Women":

I myself feel willing and ready and able to bring a new person into this world now, in this new political climate, in a way that I would not necessarily have felt if we had not won this election.

This is my blog for choice post, cribbed from a pair of text messages I received from my friend A., on Election Night:

OMG our future children will most likely be OBAMA BABIES!

But if we do not want those Obama babies we will not be forced to have them!!

Amen to that. God bless America, and may every child in it be a wanted child.