Friday, July 18, 2008

yay the criminalization of miscarriage

12:20 PM me: oh yeah, a woman in alabama is being held on $50,000 bail for delivering a dead 7 month fetus
12:21 PM the cops (!) have decided that SHE did something to herself to make it die. not bloody likely, it sounds like. no facts. just OUTRAGEOUSNESS.
12:22 PM T: jesus.
me: This has been trying to happen for a while. you prob. don't remember a VA statute that was changed after massive outrage a couple of years ago that was going to require women to report miscarriages and stillbirths within 12 hours or face criminal penalties.
Yep, the criminalization of miscarriage is well underway!!!
12:23 PM will you get me off if i ever have a miscarriage and go to jail?
12:24 PM (i guess unless you decide that I've MURDERED OUR BABY and I deserve to be there!! :-P)
T: i'll get you off.
12:25 PM me: and then you'll deal with me at home!
 I think these things should be handled privately by the man of the house
12:26 PM (of course, he's free to call in the cops -- or just some big burly friends of his -- if he thinks he needs reinforcements...)
T: that's how it's always been done.

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