Friday, July 18, 2008

back to barack

3:44 PM A: me and m spent a lot of time debating whether you would be mad at obama or not
 me: for what?
 A: or barama, as i now call him
  like, saying all that dumb shit a few weeks ago?
  about like abortion and gun control and the death penalty and shit?
3:45 PM me: i'm mad at him for not having more balls on the FISA bill
 A: well yeah, that too
 me: but that other stuff, I actually think it's kind of smart, tho I disagree w him
  it's not inconsistent with what he's said before
 A: hmmm
 me: he's always been pro-death penalty, we knew that abt him
 A: yeah, i dunno, im just a bit annoyed w/ him
  but whevs
3:46 PM me: oh yeah, it's annoying, for sure
 A: there was this hilarious though horrifying article in like yahoo or something
  that began "is obama about to be trampled by a giant pair of flip-flops??"
  or something like that
  i found the literalization of the flip-flop trope to be pretty funny
3:48 PM me:
this, btw, was hilarious about all that obama shit
  T. and I absolutely adored the lead
3:49 PM me: "Exactly where did everybody think this gathering was going to take place? Left field?"
  we like fell on the floor laughing
  we were like, "But... the workers... have to... seize... the means of production?"
  "and..... it's historically.... necessary?"
  "I heard him say that, didn't you?!"

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